Retain valued

with software that helps employees get better feedback, more often

Trusted by small businesses and teams across the globe

Maintain high standards of work and boost self awareness

Keep employees performing at their best with short and simple 360 feedback cycles based on behavioural science.

Align employees with critical business objectives

Make sure key milestones are achieved and people are moving in the right direction with regular, transparent goal setting.

Keep everyone motivated, confident and inspired

Making praise simple to give and public to see ensures employees feel valued and recognised.

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Take the pain out of performance management

Probation reviews

That fairly and transparently help new hires adapt to their team

Annual reviews

That inspire future performance and reduce anxiety


That rely on transparent feedback instead of hidden agendas

Objective setting

That connects employees to the business's mission

Ongoing feedback

That is concise and actionable without hurting people's feelings

"Howamigoing helped us move away from a lengthy, once-per-year appraisal to a culture of ongoing feedback and conversations."
Willie Cheng

Head of People, Asia Miles

Asia Miles is a Cathay Pacific group company and the largest travel rewards programme in Asia.

"Before Howamigoing, we were using Google Sheets for 360 feedback. It was a nightmare."
Vicky Daugvilaviciute

People and Talent Manager, Elder

Elder is a live-in care provider for elderly patients in the UK.

"Howamigoing’s feedback templates helped us realise we could have really constructive performance conversations without hurting people’s feelings."
Maurice Webster

CEO, Invetus

Invetus is a veterinary research business in Australia and New Zealand.

What separates a productive team from one that fails is its feedback culture

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