Our mission

To prevent 1 million people from having painful performance reviews.

Our story

Julian Cook


Co-founder and CEO

There weren’t many people to get feedback from in Julian’s outback Australian hometown. That changed when he started working at Goldman Sachs in Sydney and later at J.P. Morgan in London. But despite working with hundreds of amazing colleagues around the globe - real-time praise and constructive advice rarely flowed. The technology simply wasn’t available to make giving and receiving performance-enhancing feedback easy and effective. And so Howamigoing was born - based in London, but retaining the name of a very Aussie phrase...


Co-founder and COO

Hailing from across the Tasman in New Zealand, Kim had also experienced painful performance reviews. Along with her awesome peers at the likes of Tesco.com, Gett, and Just Eat, she struggled to understand why successful, modern companies were persisting with bi-annual feedback that seemed destined for a filing cabinet rather than encouraging regular feedback for everyday, real life scenarios. On board with the mission to prevent a million people from having painful performance reviews, Kim started working with Julian in London just before Christmas in 2017, in time for the public launch of Howamigoing.

Kim Monney
Ovi Naclad



Far far away from Australia and New Zealand, much closer to Howamigoing's HQ, a storm was brewing. Ovi was fast becoming a Javascript guru. Ovi met Kim and Julian through Ignite, the UK's preeminent accelerator for tech startups based in the Northeast of Britain. A self-taught, full-stack developer with over 10 years' experience across pretty much every technology, Ovi's code has been described as "faster than a speeding bullet" and carrying "more pride than a pack of lions".


Product Designer

Hailing from Romania's most picturesque city, Cluj-Napoca, Alex joined the crew to work on the UX and UI of Howamigoing's app. His 10 years of design experience shine through in the warmth, humour and kind, purple vibes infused throughout.

Kim Monney
Ovi Naclad


Lead Developer

James leads the way on developing Howamigoing's app as our... lead developer! Originally from Jersey and now living in our spiritual home in Spain, James fit our culture perfectly when he joined in January 2020 and completed the Howmie family.

Innovation is born out of restriction

We work in an uncommon way -- because doing things just like everyone else rarely produces something remarkable.

No meetings, email or Slack from 9am to midday (Quiet Time) because digital distractions are an enormous productivity killer

One paid day-long course each month (Learning Day) because smarter employees make for a smarter business

One morning of book discussion each month (Reading Morning) because so many life lessons have already been written about

Remote work Mondays and Thursdays (WFH Days) because there's no need to be face-to-face every day to do your best work

A family of feedback fans

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Our software

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