The original Howmies at our first team offsite
The first ‘team offsite’ in 2018

About us

Why we exist.

We want people to live their best life.

We believe people grow more when in teams.

We believe great teams are built on constructive feedback. At work. At home.

Our approach

We are a senior team of doers with experience across some of the most successful global companies. Using the lessons we've learnt, we work closely with selected clients to help deliver their success.

Because for us it’s all about having strong foundations and long-term relationships. Taking the time at the beginning to build a culture and product that can scale with our clients.

But building the experiences of the future with today’s constraints isn’t easy. Precisely capturing how the innate human desire for growth and connection is intersecting with evolving modes of communication is challenging.

But if anyone can do it, the Howmies can. And we’re having a tonne of fun doing it for you 😉

Some of the companies we've worked for:

You cannot be seen until you learn to see.

Seth Godin

Fight, Flight or Feedback?

Is the name of our monthly client newsletter. We ship it on a Friday because, you know, Fridays. If you're not a client but you're interested in using feedback to become your most awesome self, then we'd love to share it with you.

Meet the team

We’re a small team, full of energy and incredibly focused on doing one thing
well: give individuals a safe, beautifully designed, personalised online
environment to gather professional feedback.

Our Board

While we’re a small company, we operate with a robust corporate ethos. We have exceptionally high calibre directors who each bring a unique set of skills, experiences and advice to help Howamigoing grow. All directors except the Independent Chairman are investors in the company, demonstrating the unity behind the cause.