Frequently Asked Questions

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Howamigoing is an online tool that streamlines peer-to-peer professional feedback processes.

It has been carefully designed to replace inefficient performance appraisals; saving businesses time, money and anxiety.

It also allows companies to implement more frequent feedback sessions throughout the year, helping employees get the ongoing professional development they deserve.

If you don’t have an employee feedback or appraisal process in place, we can help you design and implement one.

If you already have a process in place, such as an annual appraisal, but one that is manual and inefficient (e.g. Microsoft Word/Excel, Google Forms/Sheets, email or paper-based), we can help streamline that process for you.

Of course! You can create a free account on our homepage and start requesting feedback right away, using a slimmed-down version of our platform.

Then simply get in touch with us if you'd like to roll-out Howamigoing across your business.

Only £2.50 per user per month plus an annual service fee of £500. For larger businesses with more than 1,000 employees, send us an email to discuss our enterprise packages.

We don’t offer an end-to-end HR system (e.g. with on-boarding, off-boarding, payroll, holidays etc). While these systems may suit some companies, they’re typically expensive, take a long time to implement, require substantial staff training and are complex to use. As a result, they're not user-friendly when it comes to feedback and appraisals.

Instead, we focus on one pain-point for businesses: streamlining inefficient appraisals. With this laser-like focus, Howamigoing is a simple yet robust online platform for requesting, providing and viewing performance feedback.

We know HR budgets aren’t getting any bigger, but we’re determined to enable employees around the world to give and receive better feedback.

Absolutely! We work with companies of all sizes and there is no minimum annual spend.

We’ve made it incredibly simple - see this page for an illustration.

In short, you just need to tell us (a) which employees need to get feedback, (b) how often they need to get feedback, and (c) what they need to get feedback on. We've got a tonne of templates available to help with the latter :).

We like to keep things simple so there are just two user categories: employees and managers. Every user is an employee. Every employee can have up to 10 managers who are able to view their feedback (if you choose to enable that feature).

For now we don’t have an ‘admin’ user – we take care of the admin hassle for you.

We have three distinct tools to make sure both the employer and employee’s feedback needs are catered for all year round.

Scheduled feedback: this tool streamlines mid-year or annual reviews, taking admin away from managers and HR.

Project feedback: this tool allows teams to get real-time feedback during or after important projects.

Private feedback: this tool allows employees to confidentially gather feedback from any person, at any time, on any subject.

Our feedback forms are extremely customisable.

You can use whatever questions and whatever response type you like.

At Howamigoing, we believe everyone is on their own unique journey through life. So, if you like, you can have a custom feedback form for each individual employee.

If you’d like to just use one feedback form for all employees, or a specific form for each department or job title, then that’s OK too.

Absolutely. We believe that feedback quality improves dramatically when people can give their opinion privately. People are more open, honest and constructive when they're not concerned about being watched or judged.

To achieve anonymity, we have a clever algorithm that aggregates quantitative feedback (e.g. ratings), and we do not assign names to qualitative feedback (i.e. comments).

We let you decide whether you want an employee to be able to view their own feedback on our platform (but would urge you to do so, it's about them!). Our users love this combination of anonymity and transparency.

However, you'll need to consider the applicable data privacy regulations within your business and your region, as they may require you to disclose an employee's feedback to them upon their request.

Everything happens online at your own unique business portal, e.g.

Because everything is cloud-based, employees can request, give and view feedback on any device with an internet connection.

There's no need to download or update an app, to integrate any software into your company infrastructure, or be in the office to move the process along.

The same goes for giving and viewing feedback :)

Yes. If you or your employees work alongside contractors or with agencies or other partners who are not employees, you can still ask those people to give feedback using the Private feedback tool.