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Facing up to feedback

Would you rather tell your co-worker in person how they’re doing?  Or would you prefer your comments or ratings be aggregated anonymously with those of your peers? 

It’s an intriguing situation and as with most things in life, for most people it depends.  

Let us illustrate with a couple of real-life examples...

Scenario 1

Jane has been staffed with Jason, a junior executive at the firm that she’s not worked with before, to assist on the firm’s all-important Alpha account.  Fast forward 2 months to and Jason has done a fantastic job.  He displayed acute attention to detail in what was an intense project involving multiple senior people across the business and involving more than the occasional late night.  All dead-lines were met.  Client materials were sharp, as was his communication.  

Impressed and pleased at how much easier Jason has made Jane’s life over the past 8 weeks, she takes him out for coffee to offer some kudos and provide glowing feedback.  A well-deserved morale boost has been served.


Scenario 2

Jane has been staffed with Diego, a junior executive that she worked with a year ago.  Jane was impressed at the time, but has since heard from a fellow account manager that his performance has recently ‘slipped’.  Fast forward 2 months and Diego did a good job, but certain things weren’t to her standard.  Client materials were articulate and well prepared.  Unfortunately, dead-lines were often missed and his communication to colleagues and the client was not as effective as she thought it could have been.

Though Jane prefers face-to-face interaction and believes in nurturing continuous feedback and development of her juniors, the additional time and effort she had to put in over the past 8 weeks to cover for Diego has left a sour taste in her mouth.  Jane decides to wait until the annual review in 5 months and send HR some bullet points about where he fell short on the Alpha account.  And besides, her diary is near full for the next week and she doesn’t really have time for a 1 hour coffee anyway.


The problem with Scenario 2 is that Diego probably needs real-time constructive feedback more so than Jason.


But, human nature has conditioned us to feel more at ease giving ‘good news’ than ‘bad news’.  And few of us have learnt the skill of turning ‘bad news’ into constructive feedback in a way that inspires others rather than demotivates them.  So we often hide behind the guise of anonymity when it suits us best.  And we often come forth to sing praise when it suits others best.  But we must always strive to do toward others what we would like done toward us!

Thankfully at How Am I Going?, we’ve created an environment which caters for both Scenario 1 and Scenario 2.  Simply by entering the name and email address of a couple of colleagues at howamigoing.com you can gather and give real-time, constructive feedback in 5 minutes.  We make sure that you get useful ratings on the most important attributes for success. We make sure that these ratings are delivered to you online and anonymously from your peer group, so there’s no excuse for them not to respond!

So go forth and gather feedback at howamigoing.com.   Don’t miss another day of not progressing professionally.  Don’t deprive others of their chance to shine.


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