Fix your feedback processes

Your people are your single biggest expense and they NEED great feedback to succeed.

This easy-to-use guide will show you how to "make great feedback normal" and avoid the common traps that EVERY business falls into.

Learn how to avoid:

  • Letting bad hires slip through probation
  • Losing great hires due to poor management
  • Relationship breakdowns during key projects
  • Unnecessary staff turnover after annual appraisals
  • Setting up performance management processes that won't scale
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Yes, these are actual quotes 😇

Anna Farrow
Director of People, Portsmouth

It’s made feedback ‘normal’ something we’d been trying to do for a couple of years. And iot has opened so many doors, we do so many things now that we couldn't before. Will we ever stop using it? No, no way. That’d be going backwards.

Chris Darby
CTO, London

We’ve had one employee leave in 3 years, a staff turnover rate below 5%. In part we put this down to our feedback culture, fostered and facilitated by Howamigoing. This has probably saved us thousands in recruiter fees and opportunity cost.

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