10 quick wins

Here are 10 of our favourite tips to instantly get better performance out of your employees.

We've spoken at more conferences, given more C-Suite webinars, and helped more companies implement best-practice performance management practices than we can count.

But there's no need for you to pay for expensive trade show tickets. We've dispelled our simplest and most scalable tips in one easy-to-use booklet.

You'll learn how to:

  • Leverage clinical psychology to engage and motivate staff
  • Establish simple, robust and enjoyable 360 feedback processes
  • Guide managers to give 1:1 feedback without hurting feelings
  • Optimise team performance communication
  • Manage performance-based remuneration
  • Use anonymity to unlock key blind spots
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Yes, these are actual quotes 😇

Munraj Dhaliwal
CFO, Sydney

As CFO with hundreds of employees, automating feedback has saved significant senior management time, simplified the process and given us a uniform approach. It has also given us ideas on how to get the most out of ongoing feedback in a fun way for the team.

David Alprovich
CIO, Newcastle

Previously we used an HR consultant to facilitate our 360s. It was a long winded, paper based, questionnaire. It was tedious and time consuming. The cost of a 12 month licence with Howamigoing is roughly the same as using the consultant on a one-off basis. However, we can use the software multiple times with different use cases.

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