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Building an easy, effective and scalable HRIS platform requires strict adherence to regional regulatory practices. Building an easy, effective and scalable employee feedback platform requires strict adherence to psychological safety practices.

Howamigoing's partnership with Personio means you can have the best of both worlds.

⏳Save loads of time: Import employees from Personio into Howamigoing and sync key information every 24 hours

💰Save loads of money: Receive a 20% discount on Howamigoing’s Platform fee, a 20% discount on Personio’s Platform fee and a 50% discount on Personio’s implementation fee

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Khanh Vu
Director of People and Talent, Melbourne

My HR Manager and I are spending 3-4 fewer days each quarter on setting up peer to peer and pulse feedback cycles. This frees me up to focus on taking action on the insights. It'd be saving the business at least $25k p.a. just in man hours.

Liz Newman
Chief People Officer, Cambridge

We've had virtually no staff turnover apart from retirements and a couple of COVID-related redundancies. Howamigoing definitely contributes to this. This saves the business >£50k p.a. vs if we had normal attrition rates.

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