We've poured love, sweat, science and a tonne of feedback into our software - so you can have the easiest and most effective employee performance platform

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360 feedback

Easily set up 360 feedback cycles with answers delivered anonymously to take the fear out of feedback.
360 feedback graphic

Set up 360 feedback cycles as often as required

Simple and flexible feedback viewing permissions

Free access to science-backed feedback questions

Automated reminders to those with outstanding tasks

Private feedback

Gather feedback from who you want, when you want, on whatever topic you want - and only you see the responses.
Private feedback graphic

Team members can ask anyone, any question, at any time

Access our science-backed feedback questions

Team leaders can conduct regular, short pulse surveys

Feedback recipient determines viewing permissions

Pulse surveys

Get fast, accurate insights into your team culture
Pulse survey graphic

Run Pulse surveys as often as you like

Access our library of psychologist-backed templates

Benchmark and measure how people are feeling

Quantify sentiment via Machine Learning

Good vibes

Let everyone in the team give public, real-time recognition to others so that positive behaviour is reinforced.
Good vibes graphic

Simple template for providing positive feedback

Share recognition with the whole team

Comment on the great work that others have done

Search and filter through past positive feedback

Ask me anything

Let staff post anonymous questions to managers with responses viewable by the whole team.
Ask me anything graphic

Burning questions can be answered all year round

Team leader can invite questions from anyone

Choose which questions to answer publicly

Get notified when the CEO responds

Admin insights

See data behind your company's culture of feedback.
Admin insights graphic

How much praise is being sent and received

How much feedback is being requested and given

Individual and team response rates

Who the feedback heroes are in your company


Slack integration

Ditch email and rely on our awesome Slack integration for key notifications about your feedback events.
Slack integration graphic

Know when you’ve been asked to give feedback

And when you’ve received it

With helpful reminders while each event is live

To ensure no one misses out on advice from their colleagues

Admins can install Slack with a couple of clicks when logged into Howamigoing.
Install Slack


Automatically link your people data from Personio with Howamigoing to save time setting up your new feedback process
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Sync your Personio account

Pull across your employee data

Data automatically updates every 24 hours

Personio customers get a discount

Try for free and see the difference


Find out why we were named Top 10 HR Tech Solution Providers in 2019/20

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What makes our solution special?

Better questions

Access our extensive question library, developed in partnership with leading clinical psychologists and constantly refined based on feedback from thousands of employees.

Better feedback

Twitter-length feedback responses and partial anonymity provide a safe space for people to be open and honest without anxiety. Then we overlay Machine Learning analysis to give team leaders better performance insights.

Better culture

Howamigoing's intuitive design is joyful to use and people interact with it regularly, so a culture of gathering rich and diverse feedback becomes normal.

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Protect against poor performance and frustrated staff.