Howamigoing 💜 Slack

Never miss out on feedback with Howamigoing notifications via Slack
What is Slack and why use it?
Slack is a messaging platform that people use to communicate with each other at work.
The Howmies use it to avoid drowning in email and we built a super cool Slack app that’ll ensure you don’t miss any notifications about your feedback events.
Find out more about Slack and start using it for free here:

How our integration works

Sign up to Howamigoing - it’s free for up to 9 people :-)
Sign up using Slack on platform
Any Howamigoing account Admin can install the Slack integration once logged in.
Go to Admin > Integrations > Slack
Add To Slack integration dialog
Authorise Slack…
Howamigoing requesting permission to access the user's Slack account
Need support?
The Howmies are a lovely bunch of humans, on standby if you need us.
Simply email

We typically reply within a few hours.You can also reach us using the help button on the bottom right of every screen.
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