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with software that helps employees get better feedback, more often

Howamigoing platform on phone and tablet

250+ businesses across 30+ countries trust Howamigoing

Based on psychological safety

A place where it's safe to ask tough questions and OK to give honest answers.
Farewell fight or flight.

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Designed for grass-roots adoption

A tool that's immediately open for all employees to engage with. No red tape.
Think Slack, not Sharepoint.

Colleagues brainstorming

A joy to use

Howamigoing is visually beautiful. And incredibly easy to get started.
Think Social Media, not SAP.

Colleagues discussing over coffee

As seen in

Take the pain out of performance management

Pulse surveys

Using Machine Learning to give you fast, accurate insights into your culture.

360 feedback

Set up and automate peer-to-peer feedback loops for your team or business.

Ask me anything

Let leadership receive anonymous questions from staff, and respond privately or publicly.

Private feedback

Let employees gather feedback at any time, on anything, with the responses private to them.

Good vibes

Let anyone publicly recognise the good work of a colleague on a company-wide visible board.

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What separates a productive team from one that fails is its feedback culture

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