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The single biggest factor separating a high performing team from one that fails is its feedback culture.

Learn how to unleash your team’s best performance by revealing the secrets of a powerful feedback process.

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How to connect pay rises, bonuses and performance reviews

It's a lie to say that somebody's pay is objectively tied to performance. And, you can't have a constructive career chat when a salary increase or bonus are being discussed.

What's your performance management ROI?

We know that feedback helps employees grow and businesses perform. But how do we quantify these benefits? Here's a simple calculator to help you understand the financial return of investing in your employee feedback process.

Three reasons why anonymous feedback gives richer performance insights

As advanced as we may be, fight-or-flight instincts kick in when it comes to tough messages in the workplace. Very few people have the courage to give honest, constructive, feedback face-to-face.

How Netflix comedian Jak Knight handles viewer feedback

Stand-up comedy can be brutal. Everyone has a different sense of humour and feedback is immediate. We spoke to Netflix comedian Jak Knight in between his recent shows in London about how feedback has propelled his career.

Tony Berg on his "no bullsh*t" approach to feedback

There are few more accomplished CEOs globally than Sydney-born Tony Berg. As the first CEO of Australia’s Macquarie Group, he helped a young financial institution to become one of the largest investment banks in the southern hemisphere.

Psychologist interview: How to overcome fight-or-flight with feedback

We spoke to London-based Clinical Psychologist Dr Anna Janssen, for her perspective on fear of feedback, and how we can better manage it in our day-to-day lives.

The missing link between daily performance and appraisals

Workplace performance is a pretty subjective thing on a day-to-day basis. Why do companies believe they can objectively rank every employee's performance over 365 days?

Three questions to answer before cancelling your performance review

How, when and why did the annual appraisal become the gold standard for improving employee performance? How, when and why could you ditch it for something a little more 21st century?

How Advertising Titan Bec Brideson is closing the gender feedback gap

Bec Brideson was one of only 3% of females in advertising to have risen to the title of Creative Director when, in 2004, she founded one of the first female-focused creative agencies globally, Venus Comms. We caught up with Bec to get the scoop on her latest book, Blind Spots.

The secret to not screwing up probation periods

A rigorous recruitment process does not mean it’s job done on maintaining your awesome culture. Yes, hiring slow is good, but it’s much more important to fire fast.

How to give feedback without hurting feelings

Our research shows that the biggest reason people don't provide ad-hoc constructive feedback is fear of hurting other people's feelings. In this article we offer a simple trick to provide clear, actionable feedback while building trust and strengthening relationships.

Why you should stop using Word/Excel/Docs/Sheets for performance reviews

Google Docs or Sheets, Microsoft Word or Excel are perfect for simple exchanges of information between a few people. But with ten or more people in your business, they are not the right medium for managing feedback processes. ‍

The simplest way to manage employee goals (better than OKRs)

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is becoming popular as a goal-setting framework. It’s certainly an improvement on KPIs. But many people struggle to implement OKRs - for good reason. 

What Seth Godin's altMBA taught me about tough feedback

The internet is awash with content on productivity. How to do your work. When to do. How to organise your when to do. Why you procrastinate. How to stop. Morning routines. Evening routines... Here are my main lessons from Seth Godin's altMBA about doing vs reflecting.

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